The Ikea Expedit.

For reasons that I can’t fathom, this post has had over 25,000 views. I only keep it for you.

I saw my first Ikea Expedit in the home of a friend about 11 years ago.  She was an early adopter.  I remember thinking “wow, I have to get one”.  She used it as a stylish room divider between the lounge area and dining area, and to display some of her artwork and books.

Since then, countless people I know have bought one.  I have seen pictures of them on so many blogs and in so many magazines.  People use them in the kitchen, in the lounge-room, in children’s bedrooms, in shops and offices.  There is even a Flickr group dedicated to the Expedit.  Today, I post a tribute to what I think is a design classic.  Double click on a photo or on the mosiac for closer look.

1. Untitled, 2. IMG_4646.JPG, 3. All Put Away, 4. Miniature dollhouse IKEA inspired EXPEDIT bookcase, red, 5. expedit goes retro, 6. Via Flickr user kimhas7cats-for-now, 7. sala, 8. X-Pedit, 9. Expedit in the Office, 10. my tiny soap shop!, 11. Our Cozy Creative Space, 12. Rearranged the Expedit today, 13. Ebby’s Expedit, 14. Expedit, 15. small Expedit corner…, 16. Expedit Storage in sunroom studio, 17. Expedit and Lurberg, 18. Ikea Shelves, Glass, LIghting, Paint – South Wall, 19. dining room, 20. For Marisa… IKEA Expedit Bookcase in a real room!


2 thoughts on “The Ikea Expedit.

  1. So many people I know have one! I think the main reason why I don’t have one is because I would struggle to keep things I “display” on them tidy… it will all just be a bunch of clutter on shelves for me…

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