KUK – Kamikaze Uber Krafters

I went to the inaugural KUK crafting session yesterday and had a ball.  Inspired by her Greek mother’s crocheting with friends, web designer Toula Karayiannis, wanted to set up a regular day where crafty arty types could bring a project to work on, or teach skills to others.

With help from friends Joi Muragavell and Matthew McDougall and others, the first day was a huge success for all.

KUK member Bambi brought along the buttons she inherited from her grandmother who used to own a haberdashery story.  They are extraordinary and several of us sat around admiring them and turning them into jewelery.

KUK hopes to run a monthly session on the last Saturday at The Abbotsford Convent.  Come along.

KUK Founder, Toula Karayiannis

Bambi's extraordinary buttons.

More beautiful buttons.

Hard at work.


Life drawing


Stacey models.


Breast, by Bambi Gordon


Dr Who amigurumi by Kim Tairi.

Amigurami by Kim Tairi

A ring I made from vintage buttons.

The ring and another two pendants made with vintage buttons.

6 thoughts on “KUK – Kamikaze Uber Krafters

  1. Oh my goodness, I just came across your post as I was googling for a KUK related search and there you were with your beautifully written blog post about out very special day.

    It was so delightful to have you there & now your generosity in writing up a blog post about the day is very moving. Thank you & efharisto.


  2. The button art is so perfectly poppykat, and thanks to @DoTheWoo we have a secret stash for next month. Look out for more vintage button art, Melbourne town.

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